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What are Pneumatic Cylinders?

Pneumatic Cylinders, which are also known as air cylinders, are devices that use compressed gas to create force in reciprocating linear motion. Pneumatic cylinders operate with gas and are often preferred over hydraulic cylinders due to their quieter and cleaner movements as well as them not requiring large amounts of storage space for fluids.


Custom Pneumatic Cylinders

Cylinders Plus offers custom construction of Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders built with NFPA Specifications and ANSI B93.15-1981 Mounting Dimension Standards. Standard construction cylinders, square head, tie rod design. Up to 250 PSI Air Service Pressure. Standard fluid, filtered air, stands temperatures from 10.5F to 160.b F. 1-14" bore sizes, available in 17 standard bore sizes, 3 standard size Rod Ends.

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  • 2A Style Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder - Heavy Duty Air Cylinders

Canadian Pneumatic Cylinders

Cylinders Plus offers a wide range of styles and custom Pneumatic Cylinders and is your source for Canadian cylinders in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Contact us for details.

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