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What are Hydraulic Cylinders?

custom hydraulic cylindersHydraulic cylinders can also be referred to as linear hydraulic motors. Essentially, they are mechanical actuators that produces a linear force through pressurized hydraulic fluid (typically oil). Custom hydraulic cylinders can be specially produced to fit your exact specifications.

A hydraulic cylinder consists of: a cylinder barrel, a cylinder bottom, a cylinder head, a piston, a cylinder bottom connection, a piston rod connection, and sometimes feet for mounting of the barrel.

Heavy equipment rely on the power of hydraulic fluid, which is easily controlled through a control valve. In addition to controlling the release of fluid in the hydraulic cylinder, the control valve also mix gases and fluids. One piece of heavy equipment could use anywhere up to eight hydraulic cylinders in order to function.


How Do Hydraulic Cylinders Work?

The cylinder consists of a barrel, in which a piston connected to a piston rod is moving. The cylinder is closed by the cylinder bottom and cylinder head (where the piston rod comes out). The piston divides the cylinder into two areas: the bottom chanber and the piston rod side chamber. The hydraulic pressure produced ascts on the piston to do linear work.

A hydraulic cylinder works with a hydraulic pump, which regulates the flow of oil into the system. When hydraulic oil is pumped to the bottom side of the cylinder, the piston rod begins to move up. The piston forces the oil in the other chamber back to the reservoir.



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