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AGU Cylinders

Cylinder Models

Cylinders offers three different cylinder models in a wide range of dimensions including; weight, pin bore and rod sizes. 

View detailed model charts to help you find the right top performance cylinder:


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AGU Agricultural Tie Rod Cylinders

FEM Clevis Mount Cylinders

MAL Welded Cross Tube Mount Cylinders


Cylinder Parts and Accessories

Cylinders has an assortment of cylinder parts and accessories ranging from Pins, Pin and Bushing kits, Female Celvis, and Stroke Limiters. You're guaranteed to find the right part or accessory for your cylinder. 


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Cylinder Parts and Accessories

Consumer Cylinder Products

Industrial Cylinder Products

Contact Information


Manufacturer and supplier of custom hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders and ag cylinders.

701 Montreal Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
P7E 3P2

TEL: 1-807-474-5337
FAX: 1-807-623-5692

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